How can India afford Cleanliness.

Oct 02 finds special place in context of Indian history and now it has been marked as swachh day. Our honorable PM has kick started the CLEAN INDIA drive today and pledged to clean the Nation till 02 Oct 2019 which is coinciding with 150 birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Govt has allocated Rs 1,96,000 Crore for Clean India Campaign.

Total 2,47,000 villages will get Rs 20 lacs per annuam for cleaning the village under this mission. Around 62000 crore will be spend to clean the town while Rs 1,34,000 crore will be spend to clean the villages. Govt asked citizens to extend their support for this noble cause. Today we saw news channels busy to advertise this mission and several who’s who participated actively to make it a success story. But who will participate tomorrow is the question that need to be answered. Also read

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The mission was started from Balmiki colony in Delhi where honorable PM himself took up the broom and initiate the mission. The waste was disposed off in dustbin provided by Delhi muncipality. But the dustbin was taken back by muncipality and will be re-issued in next PM visit.
Narender Modiji’s intention is pure apoltical and he truly wish to clean our Nation. But merely campaigning is not going to work in India. Firstly, who will campaigned in tribal and remote areas where presence of social media is negligible.
In fact, these people hardly come to know about these initiative. A systematic approach is needed in this regard. A hierchy system can give best result in this mission. Govt should allocate seprate fund for ‘MODEL VILLAGE’ from which reward money should be given to cleanest village.
Each constituency having poor sanitation indeces should be divided into smaller zones having 10-15 villages. Committee should be constituted to inspect the cleanliness of each village quarterly & would select cleanest village. The cleanest village should be provided reward money from Model Village Fund. This mechanism would ensure implementation of grant allocated under this mission & also motivate villagers.These committee should be headed by either MP or MLA of other constituency, BDO & Sarpanch of each village. In this way ,people would become habitual of keeping their localities clean.

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There is also need to enact law which make it compulsary for paanwala or street dwellers to have a dustbin. Muncipality should also locate central dumping point for proper disposal. An industry need to be set up for waste management and govt should provide incentive in taxes, allocation of land.Recycling will make things cheaper and proper waste management reduce the risk of communicable disease. Spitting openly should be penalised harsely. Railway should place dustbin in general class coaches and waiting halls. All public offices should refrain from such biased action. News channel should advertise the improvement in cleanliness and highlight the region having maximum developement is observed. An environment of healthy competition of cleaning the surroundings should be created.
School could be the most important part of this drive. Schools are full of resources and these resources could be used in dissemination of information related to mission. Weekly volunteer community cleaning programme should be organised and school staff & village panchayat should shoulder the responsibility. The students will learn from these programme & would educate the masses.

Most important is the gut feeling that need to be stimulate for this mission. Every citizen should realize his responsibility towards Nation and keep himself , his family and working place clean. Hopefully whole Nation would be clean till 2 Oct 2015 .

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